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RES 2016 #162
May 23, 2016 5:30 PM

Congratulations to Tatiane Oliveira on being nominated for the 2016 Nanny of the Year award by the International Nanny Association.


Department:City Clerk's Office, DMSponsors:Councillor Leland Cheung


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It has come to the attention of the City Council that Tatiane Oliveira, M.Ed., MCPC, has been nominated for the 2016 Nanny of the Year award by the International Nanny Association; and




The 2016 Nanny of the Year award is an international award and Tatiane is one of five finalists from England, Australia and the United States; and




Tatiane, or Nanny Thaty as she is known, is originally from Brazil, and has worked as a nanny in Cambridge since 2003, and in addition to her work with her young charges, she is also a leader in the community, testifying and working with advocacy groups for the Domestic Workers Bill of Rights and defended Au Pair rights in Massachusetts; and




Tatiane is the co-author of the Professional Nanny Class series at CareAcademy, as well as the founder of NDR-National Domestic Radio and The Nanny Breakfast Club, a weekly gathering of nannies in rotating breakfast joints around the city; and




Tatiane believes that “A nanny provides care for the whole child, nurturing the child’s emotional, social, cognitive and physical development” and specializes in working with first time parents and newborns, where she finds great reward for her efforts in the knowledge her role plays in the shaping of young minds and the raising of great citizens of the world; now therefore be it




That the City Council go on record congratulating Tatiane Oliveira on her nomination for the 2016 Nanny of the Year Award and in wishing her the very best of luck as she joined four other finalists in Washington, D.C. on Friday, May 13, 2016 at the Nanny of the Year award ceremony; and be it further




That the City Clerk be and hereby is requested to forward a suitably engrossed copy of this resolution to Tatiane Oliveira on behalf of the entire City Council.



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