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Policy Order
POR 2020 #18
Order Adopted
Feb 3, 2020 5:30 PM

That the City Manager is requested to review the roles, responsibilities, and compensation of City Council Aides with an eye toward designating this as a full-time position.


Department:City Clerk's Office, DSSponsors:Councillor E. Denise Simmons, Vice Mayor Alanna Mallon, Councillor Dennis J. Carlone
Category:Policy Order


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The position of individual staff assistants for each City Council member was first introduced in 2006, with the role being envisioned as a part-time position that would focus primarily upon researching and drafting policy orders; and




This role has, in the ensuing years, greatly expanded and evolved, with Council Aides managing the schedules of their Council members, conducting constituent intakes and triage, planning and participating in Committee hearings, representing their Council member in public and private meetings, serving as liaisons between their Council members and other elected officials, and serving as an additional conduit between the municipal elected officials and their constituents, in addition to their originally outlined duties; and




As new technologies over the past two decades have created the expectation that elected officials are to be accessible and responsive virtually any time of day, the role of a City Councilor in Cambridge has expanded and evolved, and the role of the Council Aide has similarly evolved, with the work now encompassing a wider range of responsibilities and the time commitment demanding far more than the allotted 30 hours per week, and the individuals serving in these roles have demonstrated a commitment to public service and working to benefit the Cambridge community; and




The City of Cambridge, which has long prided itself on serving as a model for treating employees in all roles, and from all walks of life, fairly and equitably, now has the obligation to review the role, function, and compensation of the Council Aide position to ensure that those serving in these roles are being fairly and adequately compensated for the work they perform; and




The individuals who serve as Council Aides come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences, each bringing different and valuable skill sets and perspectives to their roles, and they each ultimately contribute to the professionalism and responsiveness that the City Council as a whole prides itself in delivering to its constituents; now therefore be it




That the City Manager be and hereby is requested to review the roles, responsibilities, and compensation of City Council Aides with an eye toward designating this as a full-time position, and to report back on this matter to the City Council prior to the start of the FY21 budget discussions.


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