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City Manager's Agenda Item
CMA 2017 #270
Oct 16, 2017 5:30 PM

A communication transmitted from Louis A. DePasquale, City Manager, relative to the City Council’s draft Guiding Principles and Goals developed with the assistance of Big Sky Blue Consulting over the course of three public goal setting meetings held during this term.


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Below are the City Council’s draft Guiding Principles and Goals that you developed with the assistance of Big Sky Blue Consulting over the course of three public goal setting meetings held during this term.

Guiding Principles


·              Accessible: We make it safe and easy for people to get where they need to go, for work and play. 

·              Deliberate. We plan for the future so that we’re ready for its opportunities and challenges.

·              Diverse: We make room for a mix of people to feel welcome and at home here.

·              Efficient: We get the work of government done smoothly, in a transparent, collaborative, and fiscally responsible manner.

·              Equitable: We treat each other fairly and without bias; we respond to the humanity we recognize in each other.

·              Innovative: We support the people and institutions that are   inventing new ways to make life better.

·              Navigable: We make it easy for people to find their way to the city services they need, so all our residents can figure out how to “make the system work” for them.

·              Neighborly: We strive to connect to the people around us; we pitch in to help each other out.

·              Resilient: We take careful steps now to leave a better world for the generations to come.

·              Rooted: We preserve the feel of a deep history that runs under our city.


City Council Goals


Goal 1:              Increase access to affordable housing for all income groups. 

Goal 2:              Ensure that Cambridge offers economic and educational opportunity to all.

Goal 3:               Deepen our commitment to sustainable use of energy and strengthen our capacity for resilience.

Goal 4:               Expand and deepen community engagement. 

Goal 5:               Develop more proactive, inclusive, and transparent city planning process.

Goal 6:               Make it easy to move safely through the City, especially by sustainable modes of transportation.

Goal 7:               Increase opportunities for all residents to enjoy the City’s open spaces.

Goal 8:               Ensure that Cambridge remains an Innovation Hub that integrates businesses of all sizes into a thriving ecosystem.

Goal 9:               Improve Council’s capacity to collaborate more effectively, make better decisions, and increase its accountability to the public.

Goal 10: Ensure City’s budget allocates resources responsibly and responsively.

Goal 11: Ensure Public Safety efforts reflect current and emerging challenges and opportunities in a way that incorporates Cambridge’s core values.

Goal 12: Eliminate Bias within the City workplace and wider community.

During the goal setting sessions, the City Council also identified draft objectives for each goal.

Currently, City Staff is working to create actions and performance measures for each of the 12 goals and the 53 associated objectives. In doing this we are working to integrate existing plans and commitments in to the action plans. Examples include:  Envision Cambridge, Mayor’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiative, Urban Forestry Master Plan,  Solid Waste Master Plan, Municipal Facilities Improvement Plan, Net Zero Action Plan, Climate Change Preparedness and Resilience Plan, the Citizen Survey, Early Childhood Recommendations and others.  I am hoping to transmit draft action plans to the Council in mid-November for consideration.  This process will likely continue in 2018.

To keep the process moving forward and to ensure staff can begin the process of incorporating the Council’s goals into the budget process that begins in December, I am asking the City Council to adopt the draft Guiding Principles and Goals.

Meeting History

Oct 16, 2017 5:30 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting
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