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Incentive zoning

6:30 p.m.              Incentive Zoning Amendment Petition

Zoning petition by the City Council that section 11.202(b) of Article 11.000, entitled SPECIAL REGULATIONS, of the Zoning Ordinance of the City of Cambridge, be amended the table as follows:  

January 28, 2020 (Annual Adjustment)                            $19.10 per square foot

(Notice) (Materials)

Incentive Zoning_20200211

7:30 p.m.              PB# 358

34-40 Hampshire Street – Special Permit application by Hassanaly Ladha, 34-40 Hampshire St LLC to construct a 68-room hotel in a six story building of approximately 23,030 square feet with valet parking pursuant to Section 4.31(h) Hotel Use in Industry B; Section 6.36.1 (i)(2) Off Street Parking; 6.43.5 (a) Modifying provisions for Access to Off Street Parking; and 6.104.1 Location of Long-term Bicycle Parking and 6.104.2 Location of Short-term Bicycle Parking and 2.000 Definition of Gross Floor Area in a building other than a single or two family. (Notice) (Materials)

34-40 Hampshire St_20200211

9:00 p.m.               PB# 339 (continued from 1/21/2020)

541 Massachusetts Avenue – Amendment to Special Permit application by Revolutionary Clinics to co-locate a Retail Cannabis Store in an existing Medical Marijuana Dispensary pursuant to 11.800 Cannabis Use Special Permit and Section 10.43 General Special Permit criteria. (Materials)

541 Mass Ave_20200211
General Business

PB# 353

45-51 New Street – Extension (Letter)

Board of Zoning Appeal Cases


315 Columbia Street – Variance to modify plans approved by BZA Case (BZA-017193-2019) to reduce size of house. Art. 5.000, Sec. 5.31 (Table of Dimensional Requirements), Art. 10.000, Sec. 10.30 (Variance). Special permit to create a conforming size parking spot within the side yard setback. Art. 6.000, Sec. 6.44.1.B (5 feet Side Yard Setback), ), Art. 10.000, Sec. 10.40 (Special Permit). (Materials)