Health & Environment Committee


Committee Meeting

~ Agenda ~

              Wednesday, September 6, 2017              3:30 PM              Sullivan Chamber

              Call of the Meeting

The Health and Environment Committee will conduct a public hearing to discuss the recently published “City of Cambridge Getting to Net Zero Action Plan: Fiscal Year 2016 Progress Report,” and to receive a general update on the Net Zero Action Plan.

              Updates from City Staff

·              Louie DePasquale, City Manager

·              Lisa Peterson, Deputy City Manager

·              Iram Farooq, Assistant City Manager for Community Development

·              Susanne Rasmussen, Director of Environmental & Transportation Planning

·              John Bolduc, Environmental Planner

·              Seth Federspiel, Net Zero Energy Planner

·              Lauren Miller, Chair of Climate Protection Action Committee

·              Henrietta Davis, Former Mayor and Task Force Member

              Public Comment